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Bernard A. Galler Papers, 1956-1996 (majority within 1960-1986)

28.5 linear feet

University of Michigan professor of mathematics, charter member of the department of computer and communication sciences; papers include biographical information; correspondence, 1959-1993; files relating to his participation on various boards and professional organizations; and files pertaining to his University of Michigan research activities and to his participation in university affairs and governance.

The papers of Bernard A. Galler measure 28.87 linear feet and date from 1956 to 1994. The bulk of the papers document the years 1960 to 1986 and concern Galler's high level of involvement in the information processing profession at the University of Michigan, nationally, and internationally. The papers are arranged in five series: Biographical, Chronological Correspondence, Professional and Other Activities, University of Michigan and Audiotapes.

The materials acquired in 2006 (boxes 28-29) were from Galler's office located in the Center for Information Technology Integration (CITI). These materials (1.5 linear foot, 1957-1996) focus mainly on the Software Patent Institute. There were a few files from early years acquired with this accession and they are described as part of the previously established series Chronological Correspondence, Professional and Other Activities and University of Michigan. The exception was the addition of an Audiotape series that contains reel-to-reel tapes of lectures Alan J. Perlis gave in 1959.


Bidwell family scrapbooks, 1909-2015 (majority within 1936-1947)

3 volumes — 0.3 linear feet

Scrapbooks of the University of Michigan students Betty Lou Bidwell Morris (Literature, Science, and the Arts, Class of 1947), and her parents Howard King Bidwell (Engineering and Architecture, Class of 1924) and Ruth Loella Kinney Bidwell, (Literature, Science, and the Arts, Class of 1924). The scrapbooks contain photographs, dance cards, grade reports, identifications, membershipn cards, and registration cards, announcements, certificates, invitations, programs, newsletters, and letters. Also, Betty Lou's scrapbook of alumnae and reunion material having to do with the Betsy Barbour Buds. Materials relate to the Bidwells' student lives, family lives, and social activities, as well as World War II.

Scrapbooks of Howard King and Ruth Loella Kinney Bidwell, 1909-1940; and Betty Lou Bidwell Morris, 1936-2015. Scrapbooks primarily focus on the academic, family, and social lives of Howard and Ruth Bidwell and their daughter Betty. This includes photographs of their family life, close friends and associates, as well as social activities both on and off campus. Also included are dance, identification, grade report, membership, postal, and school registration cards; announcements of births, engagements, and weddings; honors certificates; invitations and programs for commencement activities, special events, and student organizations. The collection also includes several newspaper clippings from the Michigan Daily (primarily focusing on campus activities and World War II); student and alumnae publications; and other ephemera.


Board of Regents (University of Michigan) records, 1817-2016 (majority within 1899-2016)

286 linear feet — 3 oversize volumes — 20 oversize items — 298.4 MB (online) — 1 oversize folder

The University of Michigan's highest governing body is the Board of Regents. The Regents deal with virtually every aspect of university policy and campus life. The records of the Regents reflect this broad range of interests and authority. This record group contains exhibits from meetings beginning in 1899. These exhibits are the most complete record of the actions of the Regents, supplementing and detailing the published minutes Proceedings of the Board of Regents. Additional documentation in this record group includes manuscript minutes, 1837-1870, correspondence, material by and about the Regents, photographs, audio recordings of meetings, 1977-2011, and material on recent presidential searches.

As the official governing body of the university, the Regents deal with virtually every aspect of university policy and life. The records of the Regents--which includes exhibits of Regents' meetings, topical files, correspondence files, audio and visual material, and archived web content--reflect this broad range of interests and authority. But while the documentation is wide-ranging, it is not continuous. Certain types of records are continually before the Regents, particularly information regarding salaries, leaves of absence, appointments to faculty positions, and formal approval of degrees conferred upon students. More often, however, the Regents are presented with a specific problem and asked to resolve it through the creation of policy. After the creation and successful implementation of a policy, the situation which caused the issue to arise is usually no longer a matter of Regental concern. The Regents' records reflect this pattern of action. Issues arise, are resolved, and then are supplanted by new concerns.


Camilla and Ethel Green Family Papers, 1827-1988 (majority within 1910-1955)

8.0 linear feet — 1 oversize folder

Camilla and Ethel Green were mother and daughter who resided in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area from the late 1800s through their deaths in 1955 and 1988, respectively. Both women corresponded prolifically with their family, friends and former students. This collection consists primarily of their letters, which are largely organized chronologically if not already grouped by correspondent.

This collection reflects the papers amassed by Camilla and Ethel Green over nearly a century. It is divided into four series: Family Background and Documents, University of Michigan, Correspondence, Photographs. The bulk of the collection occurs from 1910 to 1955 and features correspondence with various friends and family members; a large portion of the letters has been organized by correspondent and/or the correspondent's family, and the remainder is sorted chronologically.


Camp Davis (University of Michigan) records, 1874-1964 (majority within 1910-1950)

5 linear feet

Summer engineering camp of the University of Michigan at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Records include correspondence, annual reports, and other papers relating to the establishment and administration of the camp; includes papers of camp directors Joseph B. Davis and Clarence T. Johnson; also includes records of predecessor surveying camps, including the Bogardus Engineering Camp at Douglas Lake, Michigan; and photographs.

The Camp Davis record group documents the summer camps for training students in the techniques of surveying and geodesy conducted by the College of Engineering's Department of Geodesy and Surveying. The bulk of the material concerns Camp Davis and Jackson Hole, Wyoming but also includes material relating to earlier camps at Douglas Lake and other sites in Michigan. The records are organized in five series: Histories; Michigan Engineering Camp, Early Sites, 1874-1912; Bogardus Engineering Camp, Douglas Lake, Michigan, 1906-1929; Camp Davis, Jackson, Wyoming Site, 1929-; and Photographs.


Chihiro Kikuchi papers, 1942-1988

7 linear feet

Professor of nuclear engineering at the University of Michigan; specialist in the field of solid-state physics, notably the ruby maser and electron spin resonance; and advocate of nuclear power. Papers include biographical materials; correspondence; electron spin resonance and ruby maser research project files; physics and mathematics notebooks; course files; scientific papers, speeches, and testimonies; and visual materials, mainly intended to accompany lectures.

Kikuchi's Papers consist of 7 linear feet of material documenting Professor Kikuchi's research and academic career over a time span of forty years. The bulk of the collection consists of the lectures Kikuchi gave in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Michigan, 1959-1986. The material from 1956 to 1959 consists of research papers on the ruby maser developed at the Willow Run Laboratory, a facility of the University of Michigan. The papers generated in the 1970s and 1980s reflect mostly Kikuchi's academic and public involvement in pro-nuclear power advocacy.

The papers have been rearranged and organized in eight major series: Biographical (0.1 linear ft); Correspondence, consisting of personal letters from 1942, professional letters from 1949-1950, 1958-1964, and 1972-1988, (0.3 linear ft); Research Projects, arranged chronologically, (0.5 linear ft); Printed Technical Reports by the Department of Engineering, (0.5 linear ft); Notebooks (0.5 linear ft); Lectures for nuclear engineering courses and other topics (3.5 linear ft); Papers 1969-1988 (1 linear ft); and Visual Material (0.6 linear ft), consisting of 99 glass plates, 205 slides, 8 photoprints, and 2 cartoons, all of which relate to Kikuchi's academic activities.


Clarence T. Johnston papers, 1888-1941

17.5 linear feet

Professor of engineering at the University of Michigan. Photos of Johnston's personal and family life in Wyoming and Michigan, including student activities at the University of Michigan; photos of his work on water projects in the West and in Egypt; and photos of Camp Davis, the summer engineering camp of the University of Michigan in Cheboygan Co., Michigan..

The Johnston collection spans the years of 1888-1928. The bulk of the collection is comprised of photographic prints, mainly cyanotypes, and glass plate negatives. Scattered papers are also present and include biographical material and topical files relating to Johnston's personal, religious, and professional activities. The collection has been arranged into five series, which include: Personal and Family Photographs, Work Photographs, Camp Davis Photographs, Glass negatives, and Biographical Materials.


College of Engineering, Class of 1947 (University of Michigan) records, 1952-2007

0.4 linear feet

Files relating to class reunions of the University of Michigan College of Engineering class of 1947, dating from 1952 to 2007. Records include plans for a major gift to the university at the 50th reunion (a reflecting pool) and biographical information on class members.

The material in the University of Michigan College of Engineering Class of 1947 records relate mainly to class reunions, held every five years from 1952 through 2007, including materials related to fundraising for and planning of the 50th reunion gift, a reflecting pool and fountain on the university's North Campus.

The material also includes responses to questionnaires sent out around each reunion collecting information about class members since graduation relating to their occupations and personal lives. A complete roster of the class as of 1987 was compiled for the 40th reunion and can be found in that folder.


College of Engineering (University of Michigan) Oral History Interviews, 2003

17 audiocassettes

Oral histories of University of Michigan College of Engineering faculty members, conducted by Enid Galler in 2003, discussing their background, education, careers, and the college and university

The University of Michigan College of Engineering Oral History Interviews are comprised of typed transcripts and audio cassette tapes of nine interviews with retired faculty members recorded during an oral history project undertaken by the college. The interviews were conducted by Enid H. Galler in 2003.

Interviews typically include information on the subject's background, education, and family, and commentary on his or her career and overall involvement with the university. The interviews also contain a great deal of information on the administration of, and issues within the College of Engineering, as well as on the operation of the university as a whole.


College of Engineering (University of Michigan) publications, 1873-2022

27.3 linear feet — 771.7 MB

Publications produced by the College of Engineering and some of its academic departments and administrative units as student organizations. Includes annual reports, briefing papers, brochures and pamphlets, bulletins and college catalogs, calendars of college events, histories, manuals, newsletters, programs, proposals, reports, songbooks, and statistics.

The College of Engineering Publications consist of printed and born-digital material produced by the College of Engineering and some of its academic departments, administrative units and student organizations. Publications of some academic departments are cataloged separately. This collection includes:

- annual reports - briefing papers - brochures and pamphlets - bulletins and college catalogs - calendars of college events - histories - manuals - newsletters - programs - proposals - reports - songbooks - statistics

The College of Engineering Publications are divided into five series; Unit Publications, Sub-Unit Publications, Topical Publications, Student Publications; and Chronologically Arranged Publications.

The Unit Publications series contains printed material published specifically by the College of Engineering. These publications are defined as being widely distributed and may be published at regular intervals. They are arranged by genre of the publication.

The Sub-Unit Publications series contains publications from subordinate offices, departments, programs, laboratories and organizations within the College of Engineering. These publications are arranged alphabetically by the creating sub-unit.

The Topical Publications series includes publications which document specific events or activities such as anniversary celebrations, convocations, faculty awards or memorials, graduation exercises, or one-time conferences hosted by the College of Engineering.

The Student Publications series contains publications published by student groups within the College of Engineering. The specific student organizations are arranged alphabetically by name of the organization.

To expedite access to the College of Engineering publications, all materials received after 2017 are added to the collection in chronological order by the year of publication within the Chronologically Arranged Publications series. The series contains Unit, Sub-Unit, Topical, and Student publications.

Some publications (or their successors) may no longer be available in print but are available on the school's website,