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1 linear foot (18 volumes)

Ypsilanti, Michigan business; account books and daybooks.

The record group consists of account books and daybooks of the firm. Included is a record of log purchases, 1845-1853, and accounts of wheat purchased in 1842.

4 linear feet

Papers of Pun Plamondon, activist, writer, and journalist who in 1968 co-founded the White Panther Party with John Sinclair. Papers include material related to Plamondon's political activism in the late 1960s-early 1970s, material related to the White Panthers Party, the Rainbow People's Party, and Plamondon's relationship with John Sinclair, as wells as material related to law suits against Plamondon and his trials, most notably United States v. U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, et al. and the State of Michigan v. Craig Blazier and Lawrence R. (Pun) Plamondon. Also material related to his autobiographical writings.

The Pun Plamondon papers mostly include material related to his political activism in the late 1960s-early 1970s, his trials and imprisonment. The collection is divided into four series: Activism, Legal Files The Outlaw Papers, 1945-1975, and Other Activities.

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Activism, 1968-1975

The Activism series (1.2 linear feet) includes material related to Palmondon's activism in the late 1960s through 1975. One will find correspondence, official and ideological statements, meeting notes, flyers, and articles issued by the Human Rights Party, the White Panther Party, the Rainbow People's Party, Michigan Marijuana Initiative, and other activist organizations. Also found here is material related to John Sinclair and other individuals. Of note are copies of Sinclair's correspondence from prison. A number of folders contain materials related to prisons and prisoners' rights. These include correspondence, reports, educational materials, issues of prison publications from around the country, material related to inmates' grievances, as well as poetry by prisoners, and Plamondon's own prison writings and notebook.

0.5 linear feet

Daniel R. Sivil was active in the gay and lesbian civil rights and advocacy movement of the 1980s. b He was a founding member of the Michigan Organization for Human Rights and president of the Association of Suburban People, a gay-lesbian organization devoted to social and political activity. Files relating to organizational and advocacy efforts; correspondence with Henry Messer and other activists; and photographs.

The papers of Daniel Ross Sivil provide insight into the gay and lesbian civil rights and advocacy movement of the early 1980s on both a personal and professional level. Sivil's writings and correspondence with peers demonstrates the joys and difficulties of presiding over a grassroots gay and lesbian organization (including fundraising, attracting members, and competing with similar organizations) and lobbying for gay rights in general. The papers have been divided into three series; Activities, Correspondence, and Photographs.

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The Activities (.20 linear feet) series contains information about the organizations and activities Mr. Sivil was involved with during his years in the Detroit area and also after relocating to the Alexandria, Virginia area in the mid-1980s. Materials of interest may include his testimony to the City of Alexandria Human Rights Commission regarding changes to the human rights ordinance and the need to include on the commission an individual knowledgeable about sexual orientation concerns; his correspondence and writings while president of the Association of Suburban People including his July 1980 address to the organization; and a copy of his birth certificate and handwritten resumes in the personal interests and information folder.

4.75 linear feet

Ann Arbor, Michigan-based chapter of the Gray Panthers. Subject files pertaining to chapter activities; administrative files include annual reports, correspondence, and newsletters.

This record group documents the Gray Panthers of Huron Valley and subsequently the Gray Panthers of Washtenaw's activities and administration from 1979 to 2011.

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The Activities series reflects the broad range of issues around which the Gray Panthers of Huron Valley were active. The Newspaper Clippings folder includes more than two dozen news reports, interviews, and letters to the editor that testify to the organization's community presence. The Local Actions folder is complementary as it includes both lists and background about the group's efforts.

The Gray Panthers of Huron Valley sponsored a Health Care Forum in 1987, which is comprehensively documented, from the event's planning to its execution. The organization's formal declaration about Social Security, as well as its subsequent resolutions on the matter, comprise the Social Security Task Force folder.

0.8 linear feet (in two boxes)

Materials surrounding the philanthropic career of prominent metropolitan Detroit attorney, Jewish community leader, and University of Michigan alumnus (LSA, 1964) Lawrence S. Jackier. The collection primarily contains annual reports, correspondence, meeting materials, programs, publications, and other materials from Jackier's presidency with the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit and his tenure with the Technion Institute's International Board of Governors. The collection also contains materials pertaining to Jackier's accolades, and his affiliation with other organizations addressing the concerns of the Detroit Jewish community and the state of Israel.

The papers of Lawrence S. Jackier primarily focus on his philanthropic efforts through the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit and his leadership at the Technion Institute (Israel's first university). This includes annual reports, meeting and speech materials, magazine and newspaper articles, event programs such as his 2004 honorary doctorate conferment at the Institute and other materials.

Of a particular note are correspondence and acknowledgements from notable members within and outside of the Jewish community congratulating Jackier on his election to the JFMD presidency, his receipt of the Fred M. Butzel and Golden Torah awards, and his honorary doctorate. These notable individuals include University of Michigan Preseident Mary Sue Coleman, United States Senator Carl M. Levin, congressman Joe Knollenberg, and President Shimon Peres of Israel, among others.

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Activities, 1985-2017, undated

Includes meeting minutes from the United Jewish Community Endowment Fund (UJC) conference call on the subject of the Gertzman Allocations Committee; handwritten speech materials. Collected materials include spiritual quotes and writings on the history of Jewish naming conventions and Jewish communities in Poland, miscellaneous publications such as annual reports and programs pertaining to annual meetings, cultural, educational, and philanthropic events. Of particular note is a program from the 2011 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden honoring Technion professor Dan Shechtman for his work in Chemistry.

6 linear feet

University of Michigan student, producer of the documentary videotape, "Keeping in Mind" about three faculty members forced to leave the University of Michigan because of alleged affiliations with the Communist Party. Includes production files; copy of videotape "Keeping in Mind"; and videotapes of interviews with the three accused faculty, Chandler Davis, Clement Markert, and Mark Nickerson, and interviews with other university faculty and administrators and researchers of the period, notably David Bohr, Elizabeth Douvan, Harlan Hatcher, Marvin Niehuss, and Ellen Schrecker.

The Adam Kulakow Papers and Visual Materials consist of materials which Kulakow generated while producing the documentary Keeping in Mind, an exploration of the effects of McCarthyism on The University of Michigan in the 1950s. The documentary was Kulakow's undergraduate senior honors thesis at the University of Michigan. It focuses on three University of Michigan faculty members (Dr. Chandler Davis, Dr. Clement Markert, and Dr. Mark Nickerson) who were called before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee in 1954 to testify regarding their alleged affiliations with the Communist Party and examines subsequent actions taken by the University. Kulakow's work was funded by the University of Michigan, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts; the Bentley Historical Library; and the Leo Burnett Scholarship. The documentary premiered on the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus on April 18, 1989. At the premier, the film was shown and afterwards the events on which it focused were discussed by the three professors, who had traveled to Ann Arbor for the event.

The collection is comprised of two U-matic videotape copies of the documentary itself (one of which is an archival master copy, not for research use) and one VHS copy of the documentary (to be used for making copies only); U-matic videotapes of interesting interviews conducted by Kulakow and his production crew with historians and University of Michigan faculty and administrators; and one folder of handwritten Kulakow notes and interview transcripts. In addition to the Kulakow collection, the researcher is advised to consult the Bentley Historical Library manuscript card catalog for other collections which pertain to the incidents documented in Keeping in Mind.

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5 linear feet — 1.3 TB (online)

Enid H. Galler, owner and founder of Voice Treasures, conducted and recorded oral histories of local Ann Arbor persons, primarily faculty members of the University of Michigan. This collection contains audiocassettes and digital materials of recordings, including interviews and talks, done by Galler as well as supplemental materials including transcripts.

The Galler papers date from 1987 through 2007. They are arranged by project and/ or school. Within each series, materials are arranged alphabetically by name of the interviewee. Materials for interviewees may include Interviews, Transcripts, and/or Supplemental materials. Interviews are the audio recordings of the interviews themselves, and may consist of several audiocassettes or digital materials. Transcript folders include typed transcripts of interviews and may also include an index of subjects discussed during the interview. Supplemental materials folders may contain correspondence, notes, interview questions, newspaper clippings, pictures, and other miscellaneous materials related to the interview.

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11.5 linear feet

Vice chairman of the Democratic Party State Central Committee, primarily during the gubernatorial administration of G. Mennen Williams. Office files concerning party conventions, election issues, and the work of the state central committee, particularly the role of women in the party and the Women for Humphrey organization during the election of 1968; and scrapbooks and photographs.

The Hart papers consist almost entirely of files created in her capacity as Democratic vice chairman and as member of the Democratic party 17th congressional district. The files have been maintained in their original order by topic. National Democratic Conventions; State Democratic Conventions; Election Campaigns; State Central Committee General; State Central Committee Women's Activities; Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner; Topical Files; Conferences; Program Service; Correspondence; Memoranda; and Scrapbooks and Photographs.

27 linear feet

Church organization, successor to the Michigan Council of Churches; established to facilitate interfaith cooperation and to promote ecumenical action on issues of social concern. Administrative and topical files relating to special projects and general activities, notably in the areas of Christian education, missions, and seminal issues such as world peace, environmentalism, and social justice.

The records of the Michigan Ecumenical Forum (MEF) reflect the large-scale cooperation between various Christian denominations as well as ecumenical activities in relation to evangelical missions, Christian education, and pressing social issues. Administrative records and correspondence of governing bodies and committees document the regular operation of the MCC and MEF and materials related to activities such as Vietnam War protests, peace education, and ministry for migrant workers reveal the organization to be intimately involved in its community and a strong proponent for social justice. This collection will be of value to those interested in the history of Christian education and interfaith cooperation in Michigan as well as the role played by the church in the social activism of the 1960s and beyond. Upon their initial accession to the Bentley Historical Library, record series were constructed according to constitutional revisions; the present arrangement seeks a more organic coherence by uniting materials based upon function and the office of the creator. The Michigan Ecumenical Forum records are divided into three series: Administration, Organizational Activities and Units, and Visual Materials.

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The Administration series contains the planning materials and records of general assemblies; early records and content related to predecessor organizations; and the records of governing bodies and committees (including the Constitution and Bylaw, Finance and Budget, and Strategic Planning committees among others). The series documents various reorganizations (including the Consultations on the Future of Ecumenism in Michigan that resulted in the MCC's rebirth as the MEF) as well as the evolution of the MCC/MEF's constitution, governance (Board of Directors, Program Development Table, and State Ecumenical Coordinating Committee), and goals. Also present are personnel files of executive directors and other officers as well as printed materials that include news clippings and MCC/MEF newsletters.

1.5 linear feet

The Alva Gordon Sink Alumnae Chapter was established in 1959/60 as an offshoot of the University of Michigan Alumnae Association. The Sink Group provides financial support and mentorship to women attending the University of Michigan through scholarships, annual fundraising and social events. Materials include administration materials, officer records, newsletters, and membership directories.

The records of the University of Michigan Alumnae Club of Ann Arbor, Alva Gordon Sink Group contain information about the founding of the group, its programs, activities, and membership. The records include correspondence, minutes, membership directories, and newsletters. The records are divided into five series, Administration, Officer Records, Newsletters and other mailings, Directories, and Yearly Files.

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