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Center for the Education of Women (University of Michigan) records, 1919-2011 (majority within 1963-1995)

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Using These Materials

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The Center for Education of Women records are open for research except for certain records restricted by statute or university policy. Restricted material includes personnel-related files, including search, review, promotion, and tenure files; student educational records; client/patient records; and records of executive officers of the university.

The Center for Education of Women record group includes restricted material in the following categories:

  1. Personnel Related Records -- Boxes 42-43
  2. Student Academic Records -- Boxes 42-43
  3. Executive Officers Records -- Boxes 46-50

In the course of processing, the decision was made to restrict access to various files that contained sensitive personal information, most notably and predominantly Social Security Numbers and student academic records. These files were removed from the main run of records. See the access restrictions page for information on the type and length of restrictions on the materials.

The collection contains audio tapes from which digital copies have been made. Source tapes are for staff use only. Audio files are only available in the Bentley Historical Library reading room on designated Bentley Library computers.

Access Restrictions for University of Michigan Records

University records are public records and once fully processed are generally open to research use. Records that contain personally identifiable information will be restricted in order to protect individual privacy. Certain administrative records are restricted in accordance with university policy as outlined below. The restriction of university records is subject to compliance with applicable laws, including the Michigan Freedom of Information Act.

Categories of Restricted Records

  • Personnel-related files, including search, review, promotion, and tenure files, are restricted for thirty (30) years from the date of their creation.
  • Student educational records: FERPA's protection of personally identifiable information in a student's education records ends at the time of a student's death and therefore is a matter of institutional policy. As a courtesy to the families of recently deceased students who were enrolled at the time of death, the University generally will not release information from their education records for five years without the consent of the deceased student's next of kin. Eighty-five (85) years after the date the records were first created, the University will presume that the student is deceased. Thereafter the student's education records will be open. Student records at the Bentley Historical Library are restricted for eighty-five (85) years, but may also be made available upon proof of the death of the student.
  • Executive records: Records generated by the university's executive officers, deans, directors, department heads, and their designated support staff are restricted for twenty (20) years from the date of their creation.

Restricted files are indicated in the contents list of the collection’s finding aid with a restriction note indicating the restriction type and the date of expiration.

For further information on the restriction policy and placing Freedom of Information Act requests for restricted material, consult the reference archivist at the Bentley Historical Library ( or the University of Michigan Freedom of Information Office website (


Copyright is held by the Regents of the University of Michigan but the collection may contain third-party materials for which copyright is not held. Patrons are responsible for determining the appropriate use or reuse of materials.


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