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D. S. Dunlap photograph album, 1896-1897

1 volume

The D. S. Dunlap photograph album contains prints of pictures taken in Colorado in 1896 and 1897. The photographs show scenes from a hunting and camping trip, performers during festivals and parades in Denver and Colorado Springs, and groups of young men and women.

The D. S. Dunlap photograph album (23cm x 34 cm) contains 278 photographs taken in Colorado in the late 1890s. Of the items, 271 are mounted directly on the album's pages, 7 are laid into the volume. One of the loose items is mounted on cardstock. Two of the photographs are cyanotypes and one is a photomechanical print. The unidentified photographer(s) took most of these pictures between August and October 1897, with additional items dated 1896 and as late as December 1897. The album, a Kodak product, has the title "Photographs" stamped in gold on its cover.

The first page of the volume has an undated newspaper clipping about a camping party's embarkation for the area around Hahn's Peak in northern Colorado. Three main groups of photographs are integrated throughout the volume. The largest number, dated August 1897-September 1897, show scenes from this trip, including pictures of party members making camp, posing with guns, fishing, and resting by horse-drawn vehicles. One member of the party is shown dressed as a Native American. Captions identify many locations, often along the Continental Divide, and some pictures show mountains, rock formations, and aerial views of towns. Buildings, trains, and horses appear in a few of these photographs, and at least one shows a mine entrance. A second group of pictures shows scenes from parades and festivals in Colorado Springs and Denver in August and October 1897, respectively. These photographs show floats, bands, and performers in costume. The remaining photographs are pictures of houses and pictures of unidentified young men and women, sometimes shown in groups. Two photographs show a woman with a bicycle and a woman in a short dress holding a ball.


Georgianna M. Brackett photograph album, 1896-1901 (majority within 1896)

1 volume

The Georgianna M. Brackett photograph album contains cyanotypes and other photographs taken at Smith College from 1896 to around 1901. The volume includes candid and posed pictures of Brackett and her classmates, teachers, room interiors, college buildings, and social gatherings.

The Georgianna M. Brackett photograph album (21cm x 27cm) contains 259 cyanotypes and other photographic prints documenting her experiences at Smith College from 1896 to around 1901. Most of the items are cyanotypes, and the album also includes collodion prints and platinum prints. Items are often pasted several to a page and some fill the entire page. Many have captions, often recording the name and class year of pictured students. The album has a pebbled brown leather cover. A printed program from a performance of the Smith College Glee, Banjo, and Mandolin Clubs on March 27, 1897, is laid into the front cover.

Brackett compiled pictures of her friends, instructors, and social activities, as well as pictures of the college and nearby buildings and scenery. Her album contains many pictures of women from several classes, taken individually and in groups; Brackett appears in some of the photographs. A number of photographs show dormitory rooms, some in Hubbard House. Also included are group photographs of Hubbard House residents; one shows women in Halloween costumes. Of note are three photographs of class mascots, including a young African American boy who was mascot for the class of 1899. Scenes from Ivy Day processions, a Smith College commencement ceremony, appear for a few different graduation classes. The volume includes scenes of large groups of students waiting to watch a basketball game outside and inside of the college gymnasium, pictures from a class rally, and group portraits of basketball teams representing the classes of 1898 and 1900. Also present are candid shots of Smith College teachers and the school's first president, Laurenus Clark Seelye, and studio portraits of unidentified young men and women. Brackett also collected exterior and interior shots of college buildings and students' residences, including some inside the campus art gallery, music hall, and chapel. One group of pictures is labeled "Cassell's Colorado" (July 1896-August 1896). One photographic print is laid into the volume and an envelope with a brief, humorous manuscript poem is pasted in amongst the photographs.

The album's compiler may have been a member of Smith College's camera club and exchanged prints with other members.


Gibson family vacation album, 1897

1 volume

The Gibson family vacation album contains photographs taken in South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, and New York circa 1897. The volume includes pictures of warships, buildings, and members of the Gibson family.

The Gibson family vacation album (14cm x 18cm) contains 23 photographs taken in South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, and New York circa 1897, as well as two halftone photomechanical prints and a carte de visite. The volume includes pictures of warships, buildings, and members of the Gibson family. The album's cloth-bound covers have two decorative designs, with the title "Photographs" appearing on the front. Each photograph is behind an 8cm x 8cm window.

The majority of the pictures show scenery and buildings in the South, such as George Washington's home at Mount Vernon, the Gonzalez-Alvarez House in Saint Augustine, Florida (accompanied by a newspaper clipping entitled "Oldest House in America"), the Saint Augustine slave market, Fort Sumter, and a Confederate monument in Magnolia Cemetery (Charleston, South Carolina). Other photographs from Florida show Saint Augustine streets and groups of people posing by palm leaves, bathing at Daytona Beach, and embarking on a picnic. The album contains three shots of sea-going vessels involved in the blockade of Cuba: the tugs, The Three Friends, the Dauntless, and the USS Vesuvius. The remaining items include a picture of women playing baseball in Salamanca, New York, and printed halftones of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Willard A. Gibson. A carte-de-visite of a painted portrait of three young women is included.


Jean E. James Vassar College photograph album, 1897-1899

1 volume

The Jean E. James Vassar College photograph album contains cyanotype photographic prints of college buildings, student rooms, natural scenery, and Vassar students in the late 1890s.

The Jean E. James Vassar College photograph album (20cm x 13cm), assembled by Vassar student Jean E. James from 1897-1899, contains 72 photographic prints, primarily cyanotypes, which pertain to daily life at the school. Most of the prints are mounted into slits cut into the volume, which has a marbled brown cover. Four prints are duplicates of others in the volume.

The photographs show some of the college's students, all female, participating in and watching a hurdling competition, posing with friends, and otherwise socializing. A group of men accompanied some of the women during a trip on the lake boat Robert Main and many of the remaining prints feature women in both indoor and outdoor settings. Women posed by themselves or in groups, and the album has pictures of a musical group, basketball team, and a theatrical troupe in blackface. Interior shots of students' rooms and exterior shots of Vassar buildings are also present. A white bird feather is laid into the volume.