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Children's Fund of Michigan, records, 1929-1965 (majority within 1929-1961)

23 linear feet (in 24 boxes) — 4 oversize volumes — 1 oversize folder

Detroit based philanthropic foundation created by Senator James J. Couzens and administered by William J. Norton to fund organizations in Michigan involved in child health and child guidance; includes administrative records, correspondence, reports of field visits, and topical files.

In the period beginning from the start of the depression and continuing through the mid-1950s, the Children's Fund of Michigan (CFM) was the state's most important private source of funding for programs having to do with children's health and recreational needs. Established just as the depression was beginning, it is impossible to overestimate the contribution made by this organization in such areas as rudimentary child health and dental care, pediatric care, in the establishment of area children's clinics, in its grants to nursing associations and hospitals, in its sponsorship of research in areas pertaining to childhood diseases and ailments, and in the funding and support of such youth-related organizations as the Girls and Boys Scouts, the Green Pastures Camp for Detroit area African American youth, and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. The organization affected thousands of young lives at a time when help was most needed. The record of its contribution is fully documented through such records as minutes, correspondence, reports from the field, memoranda, and financial records. Topics documented within this collection include the condition of children and young people in mid-Twentieth Century America as the nation went through depression, world war, and the uncertainties of the post-war; the administration of a unique multi-million dollar charitable organization and how it allocated its resources; and, lastly, the activities during a twenty-five year period of the several statewide organizations begun or largely supported with CFM funding.

This record group consists of files from the CFM office in Detroit. The files are of CFM executive director and secretary, William J. Norton, and various other division directors, in particular Maud Watson and John M. Dorsey of the Child Guidance Division and Bernard W. Carey of the Child Health Division. They cover the period of 1929-1954, the twenty-five year life of the Fund, although there are included some papers dating up to the early 1960s. The presence of this later dated material is easily explained. As someone who was involved in social welfare organizations other than CFM, Norton continued to use the files (as he had in the past) for those papers relating to his other philanthropic and charitable organization activities. This filing practice, in addition to the fact that Norton (after 1954) continued to receive and file reports and memoranda from organizations and facilities that had received CFM funding, accounts for post-1954 materials in this record group. Norton was so closely identified with both CFM and the numerous local and state charitable organizations of the time that it is not feasible to divorce the two kinds of records - especially as Norton chose to file them as one. The researcher should note that the library has a separate William J. Norton collection that was received separately from the CFM records and which was most likely maintained in a different location. This Norton collection includes more personal materials not necessarily relating to the Children's Fund.


Henry B. Baker papers, 1871-1900

1 linear foot

Founder and first secretary of the Michigan State Board of Health; papers of Baker and his son Howard B. Baker.

The Baker collection includes correspondence, reports, and other manuscripts relating to professional activities and his interest in public health matters. There are also some papers of his son Howard B. Baker, notably notebooks and papers while he was a student at Michigan Agricultural College.


Henry F. Vaughan Papers, 1913-1971

3 linear feet

Commissioner of the Detroit Department of Health, later dean of the School of Public Health of the University of Michigan. Correspondence and manuscripts of articles and speeches; papers detailing his activities with the American Public Health Association, the Association of Schools of Public Health, the Detroit Department of Health, the Michigan Department of Health, and the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.

The Henry Frieze Vaughan papers have been divided into six series: Personal, American Public Health Association, Association of Schools of Public Health, Detroit Department of Health, Michigan Department of Health and W.K. Kellogg Foundation. There are no papers in this collection reflecting Vaughan's activities as Dean of the School of Public Health at Michigan. Such papers can be found in the records of the School of Public Health, which includes Vaughan's topical files.


Icie Gertrude Macy Hoobler Papers, 1914-1979

29 linear feet — 1 oversize folder

Research scientist. Correspondence, scientific reports and publications, other papers, and photographs, primarily concerning her interest in the problems of nutrition and aging, including her work with the Merrill-Palmer School in Detroit, the Detroit Institute of Cancer Research, the Children's Fund of Michigan, and Grand Valley State College in Allendale; also materials relating to her membership on the White House Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health, 1969, and various White House conferences on children and youth.

The collection has been divided into the following series: Subject files (24.3 linear ft.); Lectures (0.7 linear ft.); Manuscripts of writings (0.5 linear ft.); Personal and Biographical Materials (2 linear ft.); and Published Materials (2 linear ft.). There are also three smaller series of genre materials: Photographs, Sound Recordings, and Artifacts.


Jacob D. Brook papers, 1886-1954

3 linear feet — 1 oversize folder

Grandville, Kent County, Michigan, physician and public health official. Family and professional correspondence and other materials relating to his medical career, especially his education at the Detroit College of Medicine, private practice in Kent County, and work with professional organizations, including the Michigan State Medical Society and the Michigan Public Health Association; also material relating to his interest in the Reformed Church of Grandville; miscellaneous papers of father, Dirk Broek, and sister, Christina S. Broek; and photographs.

The Jacob Daniel Brook Collection reflects the activities of a man whose life was committed to the cause of medicine and public health. The collection has been arranged into four series: Correspondence, Professional and personal materials, Broek Family, and Photographs.


Kenneth Richard Gibson papers, 1930-1956

14 linear feet — 1 oversize folder

Detroit, Michigan, dentist and leader in public health dentistry; director of the Dental Division of the Children's Fund of Michigan (1929-1948), director of the Child Health division of the Children's Fund (1948-1954), and administrator of the Northern and Central Michigan Children’s Clinics. Correspondence, reports, budgets, questionnaires, inventories, and form books concerning dental programs of the Children’s Fund; lectures and articles on dental practice and education; also photographs.

The Kenneth Richard Gibson papers document his work as director of the Dental Division of the Children's Fund of Michigan and director of the Child Health Division of the Fund; his work with a number of public health and dental health professional associations; and to a lesser extent, his coursework in public health. The papers are arranged into four series: Personal, Professional Associations, Children's Fund of Michigan, Dental Division, and Children's Fund of Michigan, Child Health Division.


Mabel E. Rugen Papers, 1921-1989 (majority within 1930-1970)

15 linear feet

Professor of physical education for women in the School of Education and professor of health education in the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan. Series in the collection include: biographical information, correspondence, research papers, health education projects and studies, University of Michigan School of Education, University of Michigan School of Public Health, course materials, associations files, and topical files; includes photographs.

The Mabel E. Rugen Papers contain a wealth of information which documents the early years of the University of Michigan's physical education program for women, professional education for teachers of physical education, and the important contributions Rugen made in a field previously dominated by men. The collection has been divided intellectually into eight main series: Correspondence, Research Papers, Health Education Projects and Studies, School of Education, School of Public Health, Course Materials, Associations, and Topical.


Michigan Abortion Referendum Committee Records, 1969-1972

5 linear feet

Organization formed to coordinate support for abortion reform in Michigan in the 1972 statewide election. The record group includes position papers, surveys, mailings, press releases, correspondence, visual materials, and clippings relating to the campaign.

The papers of MARC have been organized both chronologically and by type of material. Papers from the drive for legislation (1969-1971) are followed by materials from the petition drive (1971-1972) and the referendum campaign (1972). Campaign materials include the publicity and press releases of MARC, organizing materials, publicity distributed by the group opposed to Proposition B, the Michigan Right to Life Committee, and correspondence.


Michigan Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance records, 1946-2005

18 linear feet

State organization founded in 1927 to promote physical education in schools and tring of Physical education teachers. Records consist of files and photographs relating to the administration and activities of the organization.

The MAHPERD records consist of files and photographs relating to the administration and activities of the organization as it sought to promote the expansion of physical education and recreational activities in schools and communities across Michigan. The records were received in several accessions beginning in 1982 (boxes 1-7); 1988-1889 (box 8) and 1992 (boxes 8-9). The physical arrangement of the records reflects the accessions. There is some overlap and continuation of content between the accessions. The records have been arranged in the following series: History; Associated Organizations; Awards; Committees; Conferences and Workshops; Conventions; Correspondence; Finances; Girls and Women's Athletics; Meetings (includes Board of Directors and Executive Board); Publicity; Organization; Petitions and Position Papers; Projects and Special Interests; Publications; Reports, Scrapbooks and Miscellanea; Photographs; Presidents Files; Yearly Files; and Executive Director Files.

Researchers concerned with school curricula might use these papers to examine the conflicts and congruencies between physical training and specifically academic disciplines. Furthermore, there is ample material on women's athletics. From its inception, MAHPER seems to have had more egalitarian relations between the sexes than is the case in many professional associations; of the MAHPER presidents holding office between 1926 and 1962, nearly half were women. MAHPER has long been opposed to the second-rate physical education given to girls and young women. In sum, the primary interest of this collection is its documentation of shifting attitudes towards physical education both on the part of the general public and among professionals.


Michigan Public Health Association records, 1921-1989

21 linear feet

Minutes of board of directors, and house of delegates, reports of annual conferences, treasurer's records, newsletters, miscellaneous topical files, and photographs.

The records of the Michigan Public Health Association have been received in various accessions containing similar kinds of documentation. These accessions usually span a specific period of time (with the inclusion of earlier material). This arrangement requires the researcher interested in minutes or newsletters (for example) to examine the total finding aid for similar kinds of materials. The first and also the largest accession contains materials for the period of 1921 to 1973. The dates of the subsequent accessions are 1963-1977 (mainly for 1973-1976), 1952-1986 (mainly for 1952-1986), 1984-1988; and 1983-1989.

Important kinds of records found within most of these dated accessions include minutes of the board of directors, records of conferences, committees, and divisions, and topical files detailing organizational programs and activities.