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Academics for Affirmative Action and Social Justice (University of Michigan) records, 1997-2000

0.5 linear feet

Academics for Affirmative Action and Social Justice (AAASJ), a multi-racial coalition of University of Michigan students, faculty and staff, was established in response to the lawsuits filed in 1997 challenging the university's admissions practices. AAASJ supported affirmative action and protested inequality through education, debates and rallies. The record group contains correspondence, newsletters, and essays.

The records of Academics for Affirmative Action and Social Justice (AAASJ) cover the period 1997-2000, and contain administrative information about the organization such as correspondence, records of events, newsletters, and statements.

The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence (including printouts of email) between the founders of AAASJ, Nadia Kim and Tom Guglielmo, and members of the organization. Most of the correspondence contains details regarding meetings, events and news related to affirmative action. The record group also contains information regarding events sponsored by AAASJ like debates and rallies.

AAASJ published a newsletter titled Veritas, with information about affirmative action and the organization's position on the University of Michigan's admissions policies. The record group contains newsletters covering the period 1998-1999. A VHS videotape of the panel session It's All About Mike is also include in this collection. The session, which took place on January 27, 2000, was a debate about affirmative action between members of AAASJ and the Michigan Review.


Academic Women's Caucus (University of Michigan) records, 1970-2015 (majority within 1975-1998)

5.5 linear feet

Organization of women faculty members established to exchange information about their status as faculty women and to investigate and resolve issues of special concern. records include history, awards files, correspondence, minutes, topical files, photographs, and video and sound recordings.

The records of the Academic Women's Caucus (AWC) provide an almost complete history of the AWC from its origins to the present, although the materials documenting the years 1972-1974 are not particularly strong. Many of the early records are from the co-chair Aline Soules. The records do provide valuable documentation of the general concerns of women faculty members at a major research university.


Accountant's Daily Report, 1926-1973

Accountant's Daily Reports (3 linear feet, 1926-1973) is comprised of reports by the accountants summarizing the financial status of the hospital. For each day, they recorded accounts receivable, statistics on the number of patients, cash and revenue. They also listed the cumulative statistics for the year, and the comparable amount for a year and two years prior. Starting in fiscal year 1948/49, a report was only created on the 10th, 20th, and last day of each month. Reports are not included for the following fiscal years: 1932/33, 1933/34, 1934/35, 1938/39, and 1940/41.

Beginning in fiscal year 1941/42, patient statistics were listed separately for each hospital. There is the University Hospital or General Division, and also the Neuropsychiatric Institute (1941-1966), Veterans Readjustment Center (1947-1963), Children's Psychiatric Hospital (1955-1966), Clinical Research Unit (1963-1971), and Psychiatric Division (1966-1971). Patient statistics were no longer included in the Accountant's Daily Reports after January 20, 1971.


Activism, 1968-1975

The Activism series (1.2 linear feet) includes material related to Palmondon's activism in the late 1960s through 1975. One will find correspondence, official and ideological statements, meeting notes, flyers, and articles issued by the Human Rights Party, the White Panther Party, the Rainbow People's Party, Michigan Marijuana Initiative, and other activist organizations. Also found here is material related to John Sinclair and other individuals. Of note are copies of Sinclair's correspondence from prison. A number of folders contain materials related to prisons and prisoners' rights. These include correspondence, reports, educational materials, issues of prison publications from around the country, material related to inmates' grievances, as well as poetry by prisoners, and Plamondon's own prison writings and notebook.



The Activities (.20 linear feet) series contains information about the organizations and activities Mr. Sivil was involved with during his years in the Detroit area and also after relocating to the Alexandria, Virginia area in the mid-1980s. Materials of interest may include his testimony to the City of Alexandria Human Rights Commission regarding changes to the human rights ordinance and the need to include on the commission an individual knowledgeable about sexual orientation concerns; his correspondence and writings while president of the Association of Suburban People including his July 1980 address to the organization; and a copy of his birth certificate and handwritten resumes in the personal interests and information folder.



The Activities series reflects the broad range of issues around which the Gray Panthers of Huron Valley were active. The Newspaper Clippings folder includes more than two dozen news reports, interviews, and letters to the editor that testify to the organization's community presence. The Local Actions folder is complementary as it includes both lists and background about the group's efforts.

The Gray Panthers of Huron Valley sponsored a Health Care Forum in 1987, which is comprehensively documented, from the event's planning to its execution. The organization's formal declaration about Social Security, as well as its subsequent resolutions on the matter, comprise the Social Security Task Force folder.


Activities, 1985-2017, undated

Includes meeting minutes from the United Jewish Community Endowment Fund (UJC) conference call on the subject of the Gertzman Allocations Committee; handwritten speech materials. Collected materials include spiritual quotes and writings on the history of Jewish naming conventions and Jewish communities in Poland, miscellaneous publications such as annual reports and programs pertaining to annual meetings, cultural, educational, and philanthropic events. Of particular note is a program from the 2011 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden honoring Technion professor Dan Shechtman for his work in Chemistry.