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16 linear feet (in 46 boxes)

The Class Albums collection consists of photograph albums compiled by University of Michigan students. The albums include individual and group portraits of class members, faculty portraits, and views of university buildings, the campus, and Ann Arbor scenes.

The albums are arranged under series which are listed here chronologically by volume. Arrangement of photographs within volumes often begins with portraits faculty and administrators followed student portraits. Some volumes also include photos of campus buildings and other individuals. The portraits in each section are sometimes arranged alphabetically, but frequently there is no apparent order. Photos in most volumes have been given sequential identifying numbers. In the contents list below, the portraits are generally listed in alphabetical order with the identifying number in square brackets.

87 linear feet

Attorney, student and investigator of different cults and cult activities, primarily focusing on the New Age Movement; published writings, collected topical files; cassette sound recordings, and videotapes.

The Constance Cumbey collection consists of her publications, research files and other material related to her investigations of alleged connections between New Age cults and the New World Order and various politicians, organizations and institutions. There are also files documenting her interest in Christian fundamentalism and prominent evangelists and their ties to cults. The collection has been divided into three series: Topical Files (three subseries), Personal Files, and Other Media.

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Group 1

This first of three Topical Files subseries has been designated Group 1 (16 linear feet; bulk dates 1985-1995) and consists of a wide variety of collected material on the New Age Movement. Due to the success of her first book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow Constance Cumbey established a wide correspondence network which enabled her to build an impressive collection of ephemeral materials and independent publications -- material which is sometimes referred to as "gray literature" or "fugitive literature." The series contains general information about the New Age Movement such as pamphlets and magazines regarding globalization, alternative religions, spirituality, alternative lifestyles, technology, Afrocentrism, feminism, and foreign politics. There is also information on known New Age leaders Benjamin Creme and the Maitreya movement, Robert Muller and AD 2000 movement, and Bubba Free John and the Free Communion Church. A strength of this series is the large amount of information about education in Michigan and how the New Age Movement may have influenced the creation of new educational measures such as the Malcolm X Academy in Detroit, the Michigan Model, outcome based education, and home schooling.

42.5 linear feet

The records of the Division of Research Development and Administration (1919-1996) encompass the DRDA and all of its predecessor organizations, including the Department of Engineering Research, the Engineering Research Institute, the University of Michigan Research Institute, and the Office of Research Administration. Record types include correspondence, topical subject files, research grant files, meeting minutes, financial records, and photographs.

The records of the Division of Research Development and Administration (1919-1996) encompass both the DRDA and all of its predecessor organizations. The papers have been divided into seven major series: Governing and Oversight Bodies (1919-1964), Staff and Committee Records (ca. 1922-1979), Administrative Files (1922-1972), Correspondence Files (1943-1972), Willow Run Laboratories (1946-1966), Directors' Files, and several boxes of Research Grant Files on microfilm. There are also four smaller series: the Engineering College Research Council (1959-1961), Review of the DRDA - Report to Harold Shapiro, 1980, Engineering Research Institute - miscellaneous research reports, Photographs, and Programmed Research Information System at Michigan (PRISM) Reports.

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Governing and Oversight Bodies, 1919-1964

Included in the Governing and Oversight Bodies series is material from the Regents (1919-1945), minutes of the organization's executive body (1920-1964) and files of the Vice President for Research (1957-1964). The Regent's material consists of excerpts from the official proceedings regarding research at the university, and communications sent to the regents by DRDA and its predecessors. The minutes of the executive body (which has various names under DRDA's predecessors) represents an apparently complete set of records from 1920 until 1964. The files of the Vice President for Research are those of Ralph A. Sawyer, first individual to hold that office. They are arranged alphabetically and are particularly interesting for information about the Great Lakes Research Institute (1956-1963) and the Institute of Science and Technology (1957-1964). There is also information about funding for the Aerospace Building, obtained through the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and a proposed missile range on Michigan's Keweenaw peninsula.

11 linear feet — 462 GB (online)

Former member of the Word of God, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Catholic Pentecostal community. Reports, meeting materials, evaluations of the community's leadership, prophecies, printed materials, audiotapes of meetings, and photographs.

The collection consists of materials accumulated by Thomas Yoder and relating to the Word of God community. The collection consists mainly of paper files, sound recordings, and videotapes.

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Collected materials regarding Word of God Community

The paper files (Collected materials regarding Word of God Community) have been arranged alphabetically by topic and include papers generated by the community itself or its members. Some of the files warrant special mention. As the Word of God community (at least during the period covered by these records) was governed by Coordinators, the Coordinator's notebooks are a valuable source of information regarding the workings of the community. These notebooks include meeting materials, decisions of the coordinators, and outlines and current policies adopted by the coordinators.

Another excellent source is the "Word of God Archives Documents Book." This volume of documents, now in file folders and numbered, was probably used by Roberta Keene in her thesis "Formal Organization and Charisma in a Catholic Pentecostal Community" (1974). Documents in these files include summary of meetings, planning documents, reports, various statements, and memoranda.

The Fall Conference files relate to the annual weekend gathering of the entire community. Its purpose is to allow the members to express their collective will. General Community Gatherings referred to in the files are prayer meetings held for the entire community. District Gatherings are prayer meetings of Word of God members living in a specific geographic area. Prophecies were generally given by Word of God members at prayer meetings. Within the community they were usually regarded as being divinely inspired. In recording these prophecies, Yoder relied upon the notes of others, his own notes, and audio tape recordings to reconstitute the prophecies.

Other files include the Word of God newsletter, Community Bulletin, files relating to the Community's relationship with churches and with associated groups, such as Catholic Charismatic Renewal and the Sword of the Spirit.

32.3 linear feet

Leading authority on international refugee law and related aspects of human rights and public international law. The collection includes materials related to his research on refugee law and other aspects of human rights.

The James C. Hathaway papers consists of 32.3 linear feet of materials related to his research on refugee law and other aspects of human rights spanning the years 1952 to 2015.

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Research, 1952-1999

The Research series (1952-1999, 3.8 linear feet) is divided into three subseries: Canadian Legal Documents, Human Rights Research, and European Law Paperwork. Each subseries contain photocopies of research conducted by Hathaway. These materials contain annotations, memos, and other notes written by or sent to Hathaway.

2 linear feet — 8 GB (online)

Presbyterian minister actively involved in bridging the Christian and Islamic faiths based in Dearborn, Michigan. The collection consists mainly of records documenting his interfaith initiatives, writings, and correspondence.

The collection consists of two series: Professional Papers and Visual Materials. These series document William Gepford's efforts to bridge the Muslim and Christian faiths, both within his own ministry as well as international efforts. These efforts include seminars, interfaith worship services, and international initiatives. The collection also documents his everyday activities with the Presbyterian Church and interaction with the Detroit community.

0.4 linear feet

University of Michigan a capella octet formed in 1955, composed of members of the men's glee club. Collection consists of Topical files and photographs.

The records span the years 1956-1993; the bulk of the materials cover 1963-1992. The records are divided into two series: TOPICAL FILES and PHOTOGRAPHS.

The Topical Files (0.4 linear feet) are arranged alphabetically. The records are a good source for documenting the performances of the Friars. The "Performance Contract/Data Sheets" indicate the time and place of the performance, in addition to the amount paid to the Friars. The programs contain information on the eight members. Historical information can be gleaned from the promotional letters.

The Photographs (12 folders) are arranged in chronological order. Each folder contains at least one promotional black and white photograph used by the Friars for the particular academic year.

0.5 linear feet — 1 oversize volume

Author of I Went to Pit College; correspondence and other materials relating to her book and to her later struggle with mental illness.

The Gilfillan collection is arranged into two series: Correspondence and Other Materials. Most of the collection relates to the publication of her book I Went to Pit College, and to its reception by newspapers and literary periodicals. Some of the later materials in the collection concern Gilfillan's struggles with mental illness.

0.3 linear feet

Clerk of the Detroit (Michigan) Recorders Court and director of the state department of corrections during the gubernatorial administration of Frank Murphy. Reports and other papers concerning the Michigan state penal system; and material on the Sweet Murder Trial of 1925 and the career of Frank Murphy.

The collection contains reports and other papers concerning the Michigan state penal system. There is also material collected on the Ossian Sweet Murder Trial of 1925 and the career of Frank Murphy.

5.0 linear feet — 1 oversize box

Genealogical collection for the Houck, Kibler, and Smith families, whose ancestors settled Michigan between the 1840s and 1900s. Includes correspondence, estate records, diaries, photographs, scrapbooks, war records, and other materials.

This genealogical collection traces the roots of three Michigan families. The papers include correspondence, estate records, visual materials, and war records.

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