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Daisy C. Whalen Bazzett Papers, 1933, 2018, and undated

1.75 Cubic ft. (in 4 boxes)

This collection consists of personal information and correspondence of Daisy Bazzett, 1933-1936, 1937, 1938, and undated.

This collection consists of personal information and correspondence of Daisy Bazzett, 1933-1936, 1937, 1938, and undated, 1.75 Cubic Feet (in 4 boxes). The collection is organized by date and each folder alphabetically.

Bazzett, Correspondence: The majority of the collection consists of letters sent from Daisy to Ellis Bazzett while she attended CSTC 1932-1936. Her letters begin in the fall of 1933, and detail her daily life at CSTC in the 1930s. Materials include: letters, postcards, and newspaper clippings. Topics covered include information about life at CSTC, such as the dorms, classes, and social life. Daisy made frequent mention of dances and social events organized by the literary societies which she invited Ellis to, and to different things that she and her roommate Helen did, such as buying a radio, or typing up papers for girls in the dorm on a typewriter. These letters also document the growing seriousness of the relationship between Daisy and Ellis, even discussion of marriage as she approached graduation. Daisy was a very engaging writer and her humor really shines through in her letters to Ellis. Some collection highlights include a letter dated January 10th, 1935, which has an illustration with the inscription “dropping you a line.” Letters such as one dated May 21st, 1935 describe the more difficult aspects of being active on campus, as Daisy writes “Its hell being President of a club of catty women.” Later letters reveal more about Daisy’s relationship with Ellis. On October 1st, 1935 she sent Ellis a letter where she had copied Elizabeth Barret Browning’s Sonnet 43 from 1850, which begins “How do I love thee…” In March of 1936, Daisy sent Ellis a kiss through the mail, her red lipstick staining the letter. Also significant is information relating to graduation, including an invitation to graduation activities that lasted from June 5th through the 22nd.

Miscellaneous Materials: This portion of the collection mostly includes correspondence received by Daisy or Ellis, sent by Ellis, photographs, or auxiliary collections material. Materials include: biographical material from Daisy titled “Notes from my Nineties,” a series of photographs, correspondence to Ellis, as well as Miscellaneous letters and notes to Ellis. Completing the collection are notes on the correspondence from Timothy Bazzett, Daisy and Ellis’ son. Topics mentioned include: Daisy’s life on the Whalen farm in Oakley, her life at Central, and anecdotes about her life with Ellis; Ellis’ work correspondence, and letters that he and others wrote to Daisy. The photographs include a photograph of Ellis, photographs of Daisy and Helen with other friends on campus, and photographs from the wedding of Daisy’s brother, Clarence, in which Daisy and Ellis also appear “Notes from My Nineties” by Daisy Bazzett was copyrighted in 2008 by Rathole Books.

Processing Note: During processing .25 cubic feet of peripheral materials and envelopes were removed from the collection. Acidic materials were photocopied and the originals were withdrawn from the collection.