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Samuel Correy journal, 1776-1777

1 volume

Samuel Correy kept this journal while serving with the Continental Army in Pennsylvania and New Jersey from December 1776-January 1777. He discussed military actions, including the crossing of the Delaware River and the Battle of Princeton; disciplinary measures and regulations; troop movements; and other aspects of military life.

Samuel Correy wrote 67 pages of daily journal entries in this volume from December 14, 1776-January 27, 1777, pertaining to his service with a Philadelphia militia regiment in southeast Pennsylvania and central New Jersey. The volume begins in the middle of an undated entry; several early pages are absent.

Correy's journal reflects his service experiences, including his participation in the ferrying of troops across the Delaware River on the night of December 25, 1776, and in the Battle of Princeton (described in an entry dated January 2-4). He described marches through Pennsylvania and New Jersey and occasionally reported news of prisoners, engagements, and movements of the Continental Army, British Army, and Hessian troops; some of his entries mention reports from spies. A few entries from January 1777 concern troop discipline, particularly with regard to soldiers looting local homes, impressing horses and wagons without the permission of superior officers, and distributing goods seized from the enemy. On December 31, 1776, Correy led a foraging party; his entry from that date describes an interaction with a local woman. Correy's journal entries mention many Continental Army officers, including George Washington, Nathanael Greene, Thomas Mifflin, Charles Lee, John Cadwalader, Israel Putnam, and Joseph Moulder.